Ass Virgin

Ass Virgin

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One Size-Adjustable

This is one of three new anal hook designs created to blow your mind and your load! No matter what you are into sexually including men, women, both, transsexuals; you name it. If you have not experienced the pleasure of one of our anal hook designs, you have no idea what you are missing. That said, the Ass Virgin is, as the name might indicate, for those of you on the fence about sticking anything in that cherry hole of yours.  Whether you are new to anal sex or you have a hard time getting anything larger than a finger in there; we have you covered, or in this case, hooked and uncovered. The Ass Virgin starts off with a smaller hook, one that I promise by using a little lube and taking your time, will slip right in and feel amazing. The Ass Virgin has all the bells and whistles of the big boy over the shoulder suits plus one new feature that we have added. Once the hook is in place and your cock is snug inside the all-metal cock cage, you are free to adjust the straps that will put pressure on both your cock and the hook up your ass. Yes, all that stuff leaking from cock is normal. It is just your body being very stimulated and excited. For added pleasure and intensity, we have added a shaft stretcher with an adjustable strap that goes under your penis head or around your shaft depending upon what feels better, and pulls the shaft up and forces it to stay up and stretched.  As I write the description for this design, I am getting hard just looking at the models. Just imagine how the Ass Virgin will feel that first time for you.

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