Hot Gear Bikini

Hot Gear Bikini

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Includes your choice of small and medium butt plug or one large penis shaped plug, Hot Gear Bikini can be used with or without plugs depending on your mood! The complete package! We call the Hot Gear Bikini the complete package because in addition to having amazing good looks, being a total micro bikini design, and being more fun than just about any bikini on the planet, strike that; let’s make that just about any swimsuit on the planet to wear; it is also the most stimulating of all designs. The Hot Gear Bikini is a package of special secrets that no one else will know about unless you share them. We start off with a bikini that can be used anywhere any time and on any occasion. Our first thought was to make it erotic, make it nasty, but keep that all hidden away so we could just as easy walk to the hotel bar next to the pool in Las Vegas or stroll on a beautiful beach in Miami while, at any moment, feel like we are going to orgasm.  Oh, the wonders of feeling so good we can hardly control it! This bikini includes a completely hidden three ring cock cage that keeps your cock in line and keeps the pouch always looking nice and full without you spilling out. The front coverage is micro, but enough for any place you dare, and the rear bikini is full covering 70% of so of your ass. The Hot Gear Bikini is designed to be used with or without plugs depending upon how you feel. Going all the way?  You will need to know that with any of the plugs held perfectly in place and completely hidden along with your cock so completely controlled by the cage, you will be on a new and highly enchanted plane wearing this design. It is completely adjustable on the sides for an amazing fit, and it gives this hot stud bikini a string bikini look.

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