Spanked Shorts

Spanked Shorts

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Bright, bulging, and deeply penetrating. Not your usual description for a pair of shorts, even a pair as sexy as Koala’s new Spanked Shorts. There were two main themes when it came to   designing the Spanked Shorts. First was penetration. I love the shape of a man’s ass and I love the feel of spandex pushed into my ass as deeply as we can get it. I wanted these shorts to feel like you are having sex when you slip them on; like a lover is sliding a finger inside of you. Yes, I wanted these shorts to fit that well. I wanted to feel the fabric deep between my cheeks every moment I had them on. We have gloriously succeeded with that goal. Second, the front of the shorts had to be just as striking in their own right. I wanted a controlled bulge that would stay in place all the time whether you were hard or soft. The pouch on the Spanked Shorts does just that. A very streamlined pouch designed to look full all the time no matter your penis size; this suit highlights the rear and shows a perfect peek of cheek. The bright yellow is one of my all- time favorite fabric colors. If I ever get a Ferrari; it will be in this color to match my Spanked Shorts!

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