Take It Hard

Take It Hard

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Take It Hard is our most extreme interpretation of the Love Fountain design, which rocked our world in the last Koala collection. Everything about this design was created for hard core fun. We tweaked the original design so that it would work with a single or double Ass Spark. With all the adjustments, your balls feel and look like they are ready to explode. They are on display and angry at being so mistreated. The sensation is just amazing, and you boys who are into ball handling will be blown away. The shaft gets its’ fair share of abuse by being put through the metal cock ring of the Ass Spark and through multiple adjustable cock rings to put as much force on the shaft as you can handle. While all of this is going on, the rear metal ball plug on the Ass Spark is not only penetrating you, but is being pulled up inside of you forcefully like everything else Take It Hard does. Enjoy!

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