Thunder Struck

Thunder Struck

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Thunder Struck is another bulge enhancing work of art by Koala. This design shows off your very impressive bulge but is not as “in your face” as some of our other designs. We have angled the bulge down, so it is a little subtler, but make no mistake; everyone will believe you are very well endowed even if you’re not! Added to the Thunder Struck is one of Koala’s sexiest G-string style rear designs. It is both visually exciting and extremely comfortable to wear. Created in our hot bright red rubber feel spandex; it is made to mold around you like no other fabric.  While wearing the Thunder Struck even the coldest water is not an issue. With the large adjustable spandex cock ring built into the design, no matter how much shrinkage you have; you are going to be sporting an extremely manly package.

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