Cock Ring Corner
Stunning cock rings created and manufactured in Los Angeles, California!

We have incorporated cock rings in many designs over the last decade with incredible success but now, for the first time, we are now offering a full line of top quality cock rings.  The company that makes cock rings and shaft rings for us is right in our backyard, but surprisingly, it was a customer of ours from the East coast who alerted us to the existence of this most amazing collection. All these beautiful cock rings and head/ shaft rings are made right here in the USA, and they are some of the most erotic, enticing and stimulating designs you will find anywhere. I have some of my most rock hard erections as of late just trying them on. These are monsters for great sex and beautiful additions for wearing under our suits. 

The Koala Designer Series Stainless Steel Cock Rings and matching Aerospace grade aluminum   Head Rings are both functional and masculine. Beautifully crafted in the USA, they are available in many widths and diameters to make finding the perfect fit a breeze. These cock rings and head rings are perfect for use as cock jewelry, performance sex gear and to plump up your cock when wearing designs.

Heavy Duty Medical grade Stainless Steel Cock Rings

DSSC8822 - $28.00

Designer Series Stainless Steel Cock Ring Double Accent

 DSSC8833 - $31.00 
Designer Series Stainless Steel Cock Ring Triple Accent

DSSC8844 - $34.00

Heavy Duty Aerospace Grade Aluminum Head/Shaft Rings

Head/Shaft rings can be used by themselves, but are absolutely incredible additions to the matching cock rings.  Used right behind the penis head or anywhere on the shaft, they not only decorate your cock beautifully, but they are awesome for getting that little bit extra during any type of penetration. They make the penis head plump up nicely. As jewelry, they feel amazing and can be used all day long!  Heavy duty Aerospace grade aluminum makes these rings quality crafted.  

Designer Series Aerospace Grade Aluminum Single Accent Head/Shaft Ring

DSAH4633 - $14.00 
Designer Series Aerospace Grade Aluminum Double Accent Head/Shaft Ring

DSAH4644 - $17.00 

Designer Series Aerospace Grade Aluminum Triple Accent Head/Shaft Ring

DSAH4655 - $19.00

Heavy Duty
Medical Grade
Stainless Steel Head/Shaft Ring

HRSS5222 - $22.00
Narrow Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Smooth Plain Head/Shaft ring

NH4488 - $18.00
Wide Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Smooth Plain Head/Shaft ring

WH4499 - $23.00
Wide Medical Grade Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Smooth Plain
Cock ring

WSSC2566 - $20.00
Narrow Medical Grade Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Smooth
Plain Cock ring

NSSC2555 - $12.00
Ballistic Metal Cock Ring Creations are made in the USA with pride.

Crafted from Aerospace grade aluminum, they are then provided with a hand polished finish. These are no compromise top quality cock rings that can play as hard as you do!

Gripz Cock Ring

GCR2377 - $39.00

Matching Gripz Head/Shaft Ring 

GSR6689 - $22.00

Cock Ring
BCR5736 - $44.00

Cock Ring

HCR4688 - $44.00

Cock Ring

SC2292 - $44.00

Cock Ring

RCR224 -

Excalibur Series cock rings

Excalibur Series cock rings are all made of heavy duty aerospace grade solid billet aluminum with a brushed satin finish. They are available in both flat and donut shaped styles and are the perfect additions to your Koala swimsuits and fetish suits along with making your package look its best when sporting underwear. They are made in the USA by skilled craftsman and needless to say are also designed for serious sexual action.

Wide cock ring

EW4339 - $15.00 

Donut Series cock ring

ED5963 - $19.50

Excalibur Donut Series Blue cock ring

EDB558 - $28.00 
Excalibur Donut Series Red cock ring

EDR6938 $28.00

Cock Ring

TCR4889 - $27.00 

Head/Shaft ring

NH5297 - $11.00 

Wide Band
Head/Shaft ring

WBH5837 $15.00