Koala Swimwear was established in 1990. Our ethos is to offer swimwear, tights, shorts, and sensual spandex creations designed to celebrate the male form. We love bulges; we love male to female transformation styles; we love men’s tights and naughty short shorts, too. When you get down to it; we love almost everything spandex. All of our designs are created and manufactured in the USA; Los Angeles to be exact, and shipped worldwide.

The entire idea behind starting Koala was a personal swimwear journey. Michael David, our head designer, wanted a hot thong for the beach. He could not find one with the quality and comfort level along with the sexy factor he was looking for. This led to the decision of having styles made custom locally that looked and fit just as he wanted. While he loved the finished products, it was so expensive and it took so long to get his suits. Michael figured he could not be the only one looking for swimwear styles that were every bit as small, slinky, and hot as what the ladies were wearing. After 25+ years of creating some of the most incredible designs for the male form, there are thousands of customers throughout the world that agree with his vision.

Koala offers one of the largest selections of extreme bikinis, micro shorts, amazing thongs, wild G-strings, bulge enhancing suits, male to female transformation designs, men’s tights and so much more!

Koala has always been on the leading edge of extreme style and we have gone to places we did not even know existed! Male to female transformation swimwear, panties, tights and shorts are a natural extension of what we have always done, which is to create designs we are into ourselves. 

We understand your needs because we are into the spandex lifestyle ourselves. It takes real spandex lovers to understand what hardcore swimwear, sex wear and spandex fun wear is all about.

The same drive that guided us into swimwear has sent us in other directions, too. Male chastity items and cock rings are two that just naturally flowed to us. Koala now offers one of the world’s largest selections of male chastity cages along with some of the most amazing cock rings you will ever find. Years ago, one of our customers turned us on to the awesome cock rings we now offer, explaining to us how well they worked with our suits. He was so right! Male chastity has become a very large part of what we do. Originally, we were just in it for the fetish fun. It was such a turn on to wear a cock cage but, over time, we have come to understand the male chastity lifestyle as many of our customers do.

Where might we go next? Stay tuned.