All about men’s enhancing swimwear When discussing men’s enhancing swimwear we might as well start at the beginning. The basic idea about the types of styles and what those styles were supposed to accomplish when it comes to men’s enhancing swimwear w2as simple because it was all about making your bulge look larger. If your penis was on the small side we could and still do design pouches that make the penis look as larger as possible something we will go into further into this post. Now that is the beginning of men’s enhancing swimwear but the ideas behind what is meant by “enhancing” has changed to mean many more things. The one thing that has not change when we use the word enhancing is that we are manipulation the penis and the pouch to change what is seen. Many men that have smaller equipment want the bulge in the pouch to appear as large as possible which is great and we do that all the time but many more men want the enhancement to be a change as to what is seen. This would include transformation style pouches and the enhancement is changing the penis to look like a vagina, this type of men’s enhancing swimwear is by far the most popular of all enhancement styles and is trending throughout the world. We will talk more about those styles in detail latter. Another enhancement design shows the actual physical shape of the penis, sometimes these suits are created to show the exact actual shape be it erect or flaccid, sometimes the design shows the actual shape but with help to make it look larger and what some guys would find surprising many more men want to show the actual shape but as small as possible which is something we do very well at Koala. The final design style for men’s enhancing swimwear features bulge pouches that do the opposite of the original enhancing styles and rather than make to bulge larger they work with what you have making the bulge actual size and, in many cases, smaller than the actual size using compression but highlight the penis outline in the bulge, a look that many men and women find extremely sexy. Now that you have an idea of what men’s enhancing swimwear encompasses let’s start with the original concept of enhancing by making the wearer look like his penis is larger that is he has a larger bulge. There are many ways to make your equipment look much larger than it actually is in fact you can make a small penis look very large without adding any size at all to the actual shaft or balls. It is all about manipulation. One of the most popular ways is by adding a cock ring to the design. Most men loss what ever size they have when wearing a swimsuit and by using a ring it keep the penis at it’s largest all the time you are wearing the suit. Men with large tools tend to get small too so you having a small penis can look larger in your suit and extremely impressive to anyone checking you out by utilizing these types of swimwear designs. The are available in bikinis. Thong, G-strings and even micro shorts. All these styles are form fitting and skin tight. The way you are pushed and mounted inside the pouch everyone checking you out will think you are packing quit a man tool. There are lots of well-endowed men that are growers not showers. These men’s enhancing swimwear designs work very well for them too. Many men with small equipment refer to these swimsuits as equalizers. Men’s enhancing swimwear that changes the wearer to appear female. These designs are the polar opposite of the bulge enhancing styles. That said they still use similar methods of manipulation to reach the goal of making the penis virtually disappear and some of the most popular designs change the penis shape into that of a vagina, a vagina with a beautiful little camel toe. The effect is both amazing and stunningly beautiful. The trend of feminization with enhancing swimwear designs for men is a world-wide happening. They are some of our most popular styles and we are shipping them everywhere. I get asked all the time what sort of people wear them and I know based on the questions there are many more thinking about these suits but wondering if they are for them. Let’s tackle that question because it is so easy. Gay men. Straight men, bi-sexual men, gender natural, transgender, crossdressers and I’m sure I missed a few others. They are all wearing these designs. It is obvious that transgender people and crossdressers would be interested in them and sure enough they are a big market for us but surprise, surprise there are so many straight guys into feminization and other that are dipping their feet in it that have made these men’s enhancing swimwear styles our most popular suits. The last Men’s enhancing swimwear style we will discuss are the pouches designed to compress while still giving a bulge effect. This is a trend that has been happening for many years and is still going full blast. When it comes to the very small and extremely sexy micro bikinis, thongs, G-strings and even the newest micro short style swimsuits there are so many more men interested in the enhancement making them look smaller. In fact, I would say most men that wear these exciting micro designs are interested in having the bulge look shapely but also require that the bulge makes their package look as small as possible and there are many reasons for this. First if you are wearing swimsuits as small as the smallest suits you see women wearing you do not want to be sporting this giant penis shaped pouch if you want to blend in. To blend in while still looking like you have a male bulge a form fitting pouch with compression is a great option. Many go for the form fitting compression style ouch that features and gentle outline of the penis shape which is beautiful but still very subtle and you can go to virtually any beach or hang out around any hotel pool wearing this style pouch. These pouches do a great job of controlling the look even if you get an erection, you are not out of control and you can still happily be out in public without being embarrassed something that would be hard to do wearing a larger pouch where the full view of your erection is there for everyone to see. Another reason why this style of Men’s enhancing swimwear is such a popular choice is they offer support in a micro package. Yes, you are almost nude, think of the tiny suits the girls wear and you are right there but you can still play beach sports, surf or bodysurf or go for a run on the beach without your equipment swinging out of control.