Always Up!

Always Up!

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As much as we would like to have an erection that stands straight up high in the air all the time, it is not always possible. That is where this very sexy design comes in. The Always Up! G-string holds the shaft up without any additional straps. The shaft looks like it is floating in midair. You do not need to be fully erect to for this effect to take place. The design takes care of the support. The Always Up! Is actually two pouches; one that securely holds the ball sack in the optimum position for the penis to be held erect and the fitted shaft pouch that holds you up, out and high, proudly showing off the size and shape. Just about all our suits are designed for the beach and Always Up! is no exception but it can also be used as the sexiest underwear you have ever had on, and let’s not forget how perfectly that shape will fit into a lover’s mouth. Always Up! is ready to cover all the bases. Crafted from lovely gold rubberized shiny spandex Lycra.

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