Ass Invasion Semi Thong with or without Ass Spark

Ass Invasion Semi Thong with or without Ass Spark

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Ass Invasion Semi Thong without Ass Spark (This selection is for people that already own an Ass Spark)

Ass Invasion is a beautiful design as well as being an extremely stimulating design. Ass Invasion’s rear design is based on our bestselling Skin Bikini style, one of the most visually stunning thong/bikini mix designs you will ever lay eyes on. Ass Invasion offers a very hot front pouch design that has both full coverage, but in a very minimal fashion. The yellow fabric is a real eyeopener and one of my personal favorites. Incorporated into the Ass Invasions design is the Ass Spark, a combo cock ring and butt plug that not only feels great but flows perfectly with the design of the suit. Ass Invasion offers outstanding fun because it gives you the opportunity to wear a stunning design in public without anyone knowing for sure that you are about to have an orgasm caused by your choice in swimwear!  Ass Invasion is tailored to fit around your balls with amazing perfection. Make sure to check out the close-up shots of how the pouch looks between the legs and how the rear is attached. They are both something very special!

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