Aussie Bulge

Aussie Bulge

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The Aussie Bulge is a sinfully decadent string bikini with a twist. It is Ass Spark powered, which means there is a combo metal anal plug cock ring that keeps the front attached to the rear. There is a metal bar connecting the front pouch to the rear straps. It is all held in place by a metal rod between the legs. One side has an anal ball on top of a metal rod pushed deep inside of you while the front has a cock ring that fits under the front pouch, which keeps the suit together but also keeps the bulge looking large. No matter how small or large your cock is, the pouch will always look full. This is the magic of being stimulated. The center piece of the design is the penis shaped pouch that displays both the balls and the shaft in complete detail, yet covering everything so you do not expose too much skin. The rear is a double strap G-string, which is not only a very hot design, but incredibly comfortable to wear. This design can be ordered with the Ass Spark single or double. You can also use your own Ass Spark if you already have one. Summer just keeps getting more fun, but I have a feeling you will find this design so intense to wear that it just might end up being your number one party underwear choice.

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