Beautiful beach day with my lesbian friends


We had some amazing weather this weekend here in Los Angeles. The beach on Sunday was 80 degrees and packed like a summer days. Lots of girls wearing thongs which I love to see and my two friends which both happen to be lesbians were very much into the hot bodies too. Since I was hanging with the girls I decided being femme might be interesting so I opted to wear a Gender Bias G-string. They are used to seeing me in my little bulge suits and they have both seen me nude before at pool parties. I’m in with the girls and not hung much better than some of their friends…lol. Either way it is agreed I should be able to use the women’s locker room at our gym. Yes they are gym buddies too and we have fun checking out the hot gym girls together. In many ways the feedback is more interesting than the regular guy chatter.  But back to the beach we go. When I told them what I was going to wear they had no idea what femme meant in a swimsuit for a guy. Once at the beach they wear amazed to see the new me after slipping off my shorts. OMG was a gasp than a giggle has they fully agreed I was now a member of the tribe at least for the day. Fun in the sun in so many different ways.