Many men have no idea how pleasurable it is to wear a tiny bikini, a sexy thong or even a pair of micro shorts that are designed to handle a butt plug. First things first: all the designs that have been created to be used with butt plugs can also be used without them. Our butt plug powered designs are hugely popular and not only for their stunning looks. Being able to wear a hot swimsuit that hides a plug that is buried deep inside you is my idea of fun. Being out on the beach or around the pool with only your close friends knowing the secret of why you are so happy. Our butt plugs suits let you feel like you are having sex on the beach, secret sex in plain view of everyone. There are options when ordering butt-plug suits. The first is ordering the style of your choice and using your own butt plug but most folks end up ordering either the small and medium plug, the large cock shaped plug or the combination of all three. If you are new to plug suits I would highly recommend starting with the small plug. (small and medium plugs are ordered as a set) The small plug is perfect for getting started with this type of design. Just a little lube, water based so you don’t ruin the suit and you will be on your way. The plugs are made of silicone and I have a little trick I do to make them invisible through the suit. Most plugs come with a thick base and that includes the plugs we offer (BTW we sell the plugs at our cost which is a fraction of what they would be at an adult shop) I cut away a lot of the base on the plugs I use and that way there is nothing showing in the rear. No one knows what is happening back there or why your smile is so huge. I know many of our customers leave the base as is because they want people to guess about what is happening with their back door either way it is a blast.