Blow Torch Shorts

Blow Torch Shorts

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I can’t believe how turned on I get these days by creating short shorts also known as micro shorts! The new ideas for them seem to get my juices flowing and, at the same time, these very intricate and detailed styles drive our girls crazy in Los Angeles where we manufacture them.  It is truly a labor of love. The Blow Torch Shorts are so hot; I get completely aroused by both wearing them and seeing other men wearing them.  These incredibly sexy shorts might just be the most versatile style ever. There are multiple ways to wear them. They can be used as the most erotic sport shorts in the world. They can also be used as cock display suits in a number of ways. These include covered or fully exposed cocks, exposed, or covered cocks held upright and fully erect, and natural position cock placement completely exposed or fully covered. One look at these shorts with your cock fully exposed leaves no doubt in your mind that the Blow Torch Shorts have been created for hardcore sex and masturbation, too. It will be extremely hard, if not impossible, for you and your close friends to keep hands off that lovely, beautifully displayed cock.  The Blow Torch Shorts offer amazingly detailed construction and fit. It has a perfect fit rear showing just the slightest hint of cheek along with the form fitting cock sheath in place and held in the up position. You have micro shorts that can be used as swimwear, playwear, tease wear or club wear. There is a built in adjustable hidden cock ring to keep everything full and looking ever so tasty. This very hot package is crafted in mat black rubber like spandex and offers a glove like fit.

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