Boy Toy Bikini

Boy Toy Bikini

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The Boy Toy Bikini is a truly magical design. A minimal back bikini; it shows enough cheek to be sexy all the time, but covers enough to be one of those designs we deem a wear anywhere swimsuit. Swimming laps at the gym, surfing or bodysurfing, taking a stroll or run on the beach, your next pool party, your main vacation suit; YES, to all of the above. This is a perfect all-around bikini to add to your collection. Now that I told you all the normal stuff about the Boy Toy, I might as well add in the little bit of nastiness that it is about, too.  You can’t see it, but it has a built-in butt plug holder that will handle even our large cock shaped plug. It comes with your choice of one small and one medium butt plug or one large cock shaped plug. This suit is designed to work perfectly with or without a plug. That said, it is totally over the top when you have a plug inserted deep inside you. No one knows how much fun you are really having. With its beautiful bright multi colored spandex finish; you will get tons of attention inside and out.

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