Boys and toys


Playing with a stainless steel sex toy like the new Depth Charge is an orgasmic opportunity you should not pass up. The design is optimal for pleasure and it makes no difference if this is your first time experimenting with the pleasures of anal sex or if you are extremely skilled at it.  The shape of this wonderful tool makes it easy to insert and even easier to enjoy. Start off slow or go ahead and experience the deep penetrating metal driving you into one orgasm after another. I hope you can tell from this post that I too enjoy the full effects of this most incredible toy. A side note to you boys thinking about anal sex and trying it for the first time, remember that enjoying the pleasures of your body has nothing to do with anything but enjoyment. Please don’t confuse this with ideas about your sexual preferences. The world would be a much better place if more men could enjoy the pleasures of their own body without any preconceived notions.