Bulge Apex Bikini

Bulge Apex Bikini

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We love this sexy front pouch design so much we just had to make one in a wear anywhere you dare, full back Brazilian bikini. Amazingly enough, this hot little suit covers everything. The front pouch puts a Koala spin on penis beauty, which is a downward facing shaft and ball pouch that looks less imposing than, say, a fully erect cock protruding out of your sexy bikini. That said, this is still a very daring design made for beaches and hotels where you feel you can be this risqué. I believe, since you are fully covered, the Bulge Apex Bikini should fulfill all requirements for beaches, hotel pools, water parks (how much fun would that be!) and lakes. Having said that, I am not sure how well that it would work in the real world. The shape of your penis, the size of your head, and the smooth covered balls are all out there displayed as a man should be. I have used this very design at beaches here in LA, and I can say that I got tons of smiles, with lifeguards and police taking a very close look, and a handful of guys hitting on me. However, nothing was said that would deter me from wearing it. Of course, our beaches are a little more liberal than many. Pool parties and underwear gatherings are another story as I am sure you would be a star at those events. Speaking of underwear, how sexy would these be to wear to work all day long?

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