Bulge Appeal

Bulge Appeal

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The Bulge Appeal Man Shaped Thong might be one of the most beautiful and erotic designs ever. It is just so spectacular! The front pouch takes your cock and molds it into this perfect penis shape with the shaft facing down and the balls displayed proudly in their own separate pouch. It is a very streamlined, almost art deco, look. It is hard to imagine wearing it to a party and not having your choice of men, women or both trying to get a taste of you. It is that sexy! The special black metallic look spandex fabric fits like it was spray painted on and the shaft sleeve’s curve holds you tightly in place. We did not forget to have it display your cock head prominently as it should be. The standard thong rear makes this a wonderful suit for the beach and it will stay on in the water, so pool play is a must, too. Want to wear them as underwear? You have never had a pair of underwear that will turn you on like the Bulge Appeal suit.

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