Bulge Style Micro Shorts

Most of our customers know that at Koala we move to the beat of a different drummer. We truly believe in the concept of men showing off their bodies, being sensual and sexy as hell all at the same time.  For many years we concentrated on making bikinis, thongs and G-strings along with penis display suits that were the pinnacle of micro size, perfect fit, great looks and superb made in the USA craftsmanship. For the longest time we were getting requests from our customers to offer shorts and a few years back we finally took the plunge. It turned out to be an awesome decision since many of our Micro Short fashions are also some of our very best selling designs. Many thanks go out to our loyal fans/customers. Our micro shorts offer design features you will not often find in men’s swimwear/workout wear shorts. All our designs feature deep cut rears that go inside the cheeks to show them off beautifully. I had always loved this look on women and figured it would translate nicely to men. That was an understatement. Men have the right and the duty to show off some skin and show off some cheek. Our designs enhance the look giving you that perky ass that everyone desires and loves.  Our bulge style shorts like the Deep Penetrating Shorts, the Flamingo Shorts and Steamy Shorts are just some of the styles that will leave your fans and admirers breathless!