Butt-Bomb Fister

Butt-Bomb Fister

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1.5” Small  (about the thickness of 2 fingers) $56.00
2” Medium  (thick like 3-4 fingers) $66.00
2.5” Large  (like 4 thick fingers or a fat dick) $76.00
3” XL  (like the thickest part of a big fist) $86.00

BUTT-BOMB Fister is slick cool machined fun…something about a smooth “ball” working its way just inside your hole--push it against your pucker with lots of lube on the ball and on your crack…the ball-shape is intense cause as your expand to take it and you reach the widest part, your hole just sucks it in with a juicy slurp.
The handle lets you keep it just inside your hole--work that part of your hole where you feel the pressure and all the pleasure and that opened-wide feeling…twist the handle around but keep the ball just inside your pucker…as you move and twist it pulls your pucker in and out it feels like the best rim-job and fuck all at once… 
Probe around slow or punch-fuck your pucker. 
You have TOTAL control over how deep or how shallow you want to play…we like this one with a ton of sloppy lube--every tap on the shaft transmits deep to the ball.  Because it is so smooth, every twist, every move rubs your hole with cool slick wetness… 
BUTT-BOMB Fister in sizes for tight beginner holes up to huge well fucked puckers.

This is a solid toy, the shaft is thick-machined aluminum pipe, the ball is cut from a solid chunk of Aircraft Aluminum. 

Made in USA…designed by OXBALLS
Aluminum with neoprene handle grip
Lube safe:  All
Cleaning:  detergent and hot water. 
Stats (inches/cm):
Total Length:  14”
Usable Length:  9.5”
Weight:  10oz.-25oz.

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