Chastity Cages This post will feature information about chastity cages including types of cages and cage categories that I believe will help you make informed choices for you cock cage purchases including building a quality collection of chastity cages. Chastity cages are divided by sizes: there are micro cock cages, mini cock cages, standard cock cages, large cock cages and transformation style chastity cages. Before we get into the different designs and where those designs fit in the cock cages hierarchy let us talk about how these cages are used and for who they are used for. The largest selection of Chastity cages would be the micro male chastity devices and because they are so small most folks would think they are strictly for men with small penises which is not the case. 

 Men with small penises often have trouble finding chastity cages that will work for them and on the other end of the spectrum you have men that are extremely well hung that have issues finding chastity devices that will fit them too. At Koalaswim we have decades of experience finding the correct chastity cages for men of all sizes but we specialize in micro chastity cage designs. Micro chastity cages will handle most penis sizes if you understand how they are used. Obviously, they are perfect for men with small penises and even men with a micro penis syndrome. Chastity cages can be a tough fit for men with small cocks but our micro cages will take care of any small cock and cage it securely. The question is why would me with normal sized and larger penises want to use a micro cock cage? There are a number of reasons for this: The number one reason for men with larger cocks to wear a micro male chastity cage is they want it to look as small as possible and the reasons for that are many. Your Mistress wants to humiliate you and in turn you want to please her so you do what she asks by wearing micro chastity cages that compress the penis and keep it looking as small as possible in some cases making it look like your penis has been removed. Another reason for men wearing a micro cage is that they prefer a more feminine look. Some of these people are transitioning to female, others are general neutral and making your penis as small as possible is a positive for that mind set. Many men are secretly sissies though there are many that openly live the sissy lifestyle. All these reasons for compressing your penis using chastity cages are excellent but the number one reason is that there are lots of men out there that want to cage their cocks and want them looking as small as possible because it is the look, they prefer that and many of their mates especially women that are into feminized males (of which there are many more than you might imagine.) It is an interesting fact that micro swimwear and micro cages have many things in common. Once you wear a micro swimsuit it is highly unlikely you will wear anything larger ever again, it is in some respects like an addiction and the same goes for micro chastity cages, once you wear one it is unlikely you will ever go back to a normal size cage and in fact you will most likely end up having a large collection of micro chastity devices. Micro cages are dived into sub categories:

 Standard micro cages, plugged micro cages, inverted micro cages. With inverted micro chastity devices, you have two types and those are convertible and hardcore models. I know that seems complicated but I will group them so it all makes sense. Some cages you will see similar names in different groups but if you pay close attention, you will see the differences that puts one cage in one group and a similar cage in another group. The lists below for chastity cages are not a complete list since there are so many styles but this will give you a very good overview of them: By the way these are all stock cages at Koalaswim Male Chastity Store which has the world’s largest selection of male chastity devices.

 Standard Micro chastity Cages These are the smallest cock cages known to mankind. These designs virtually cancel out the shaft leaving it useless as can be. There are padlock styles, screw lock styles and internal key lock styles. 

If you are looking for the world’s smallest male chastity cock cages you will find them on this list. Pancake Man screwed and lock styles, Cock Cavity,  Man Womb, Nano Screwed and padlock versions,  Castrate Eunuch Screwed and padlock versions,  Nano Screwed and padlock versions, Little Puppy,  Mistress Fury padlock and screwed versions, Minute Man, Payback Micro, Peapod, Little Joe, Tyke, At Ease, Nub, Munchkin Screwed and padlock versions, Pixy Pygmy, She Cock, Tiny Jail, We Pee, You’re Out, Brilliance,  Micro Boy, Man Denied,  Plugged Micro chastity Cages:

 These are micro style cages with the added pleasure of having a built-in catheter/ Penis plug. This feature makes plugged cages the most secure chastity device style. Most men will not try to remove a cage if there is a tube inside the shaft. Most of these devices that offer plugs can be used without the plugs if need be or if your mistress allows that. Nano Plugged Castrate Plugged Inverted Micro chastity cages:

 Inverted cock cages are some of the most radical devices and are hugely popular with men that are in the chastity lifestyle. That said these are not cages for beginners. If you are new to chastity and you have a small penis or you want to compress your larger penis so it appears small, I would recommend starting with a standard micro cage and then moving on to an inverted cage once you have some cage time under your belt.

 Just a quick note on how inverted cages work: Your penis is forced inside of your body cavity and held in place by a metal cylinder, some have a removable catheter and others have a fixed catheter.
 Munchkin Hardcore, Inverted padlock and screw styles, Munchkin Convertible inverted in padlock and screwed styles, Castrate Hardcore Inverted with padlock, Castrate Convertible inverted with padlock, Munchkin Screwed Convertible Deep Throat and padlock version,  Castrate Padlock Deep Throat.

 Mini chastity cages: Little Beauty, Slammed Ultra, Dwarf Mini, Wild Child, Nurse Maid, She’s Tiny, Tiny Locker, Little Toot, Penis Nurse, Fidget,  Puppy Pound, Sub Baby, She Cafe, Pussy Cat, Tiny Penis Dream, Head Master, Sissy Missy,
Golden Baby Sissy, She’s Nasty, Golden Little Beauty, Canned Heat, Team Mate, Silent Night, Breezy Boy, Baby Boy, Snake Eyes,  Bite Size, Curvy Bliss,
Cream Puff, Dwarf Cock, Escape Clause, His Cherry, Head Mistress, Hidden Treasure, Jewel Box, Little Stubby, Mommies’ boy, Man Handled,  Miss Limp, Jessies Girl,

Just Say No, Lady Bump, Lavish, Forced Virginity,  Little Boy Blue, My Virtue, Man Shame, Little Miss, Man Clit, Safe-T-Cage, Strike Three, Tiny Dancer,

Tortured Soul, Little Bastard.

     Standard chastity cages: Megg of Steel, Megg Plastic, Frigid, Timid Puppy, Whore Boy, Virgin Servant,   Man Child, Crash Pad, Careless Whisper, Panic Room, Boys Don’t Cry,

 Mushroom Head, Man Wimp, Never Been Kissed, Little Bitch, Half Pipe,  Flaccid Hut, Tiny Dangling, Safe Sex, Side Saddle, Succubus, Slut Sissy, Swagger, Sledge Hammer, Slut Jail, She Meat screwed and padlock versions,  Fail Safe, Emasculate ,Facts of Life,  Sugar Shack, Baby Sitter, Golden Sissy, Nimble Sissy,

 Cock Escort, Junk Store, Tinker Boy, Mantastic, Silly Willie, Pixy Dust, Cocky, Double Down, Almost Innocent,  Man Proxy, Please Mistress, Brat, Cock Club, Dialed In, Crowned Head, My Space, Man Trap, Nuts and Bolts,

 Cable Man, Celibate Me, Covert ,Copious,  Cuckold Slave, Detention Center, In Custody, Slut Force, Slave Labor, Tool Bin, Bull Dozer, Carefree, Cell Crate, Micro Squirt,

 Napoleon,  Manless Curve, Ring Master, Breaking Bad, Brutal Cage,

     Large Cock Chastity Cages: Boy Camp, Penis Port, Thors Hammer, Cock Lover, Cock Kingdom, Cock and Lock, Cry Baby, Cock Blocker,  Confessional, No Trespass, Uncut, Active Duty, Beefy Boy, Forever Yours, Full Metal Jacket, Gelding, Man Snatch,  Cock Rage, Incorruptible, Repentant,  Pleasure Dome,  Hero,

 Life Sentence,  Man Cave, Man Slut, Steel Art, Bird Cage, Suffer Me, Boy Buster,

  Transformation chastity cages and belts: Girl Cock, Pussy Lover, Change to girl, Vagina Boy,

  There are so many chastity cages it would be almost impossible to add a comment to every single one. I will be adding comments on individual designs in future posts.