These sizes are for all swimwear styles, leggings, and male to female transformation designs.

Our designs are available in small, medium, and large along with some of the designs which are fully adjustable.

Sizes are shown in Inches:

Small fits waist sizes 28-31.

Medium fits waist sizes 32-35.

Large fits size 36 and up.

Fully adjustable suits can be made as small or large as needed.

Our designs feature two-way and four- way stretch spandex. The pouches can handle most penis sizes.

Our male to female transformation designs work with virtually all penis sizes turning them into a smooth looking vagina or a camel toe style with vagina look, depending on the style.


Male Chastity Devices and Cock Rings

When choosing a male chastity device, you measure below the balls, but make sure to include the shaft. You are looking for the diameter, which should be slightly larger than the cock ring size you choose. If you presently wear cock rings, you would choose the same size as your male chastity device.

Is this your first time wearing cock rings and head rings? They are a blast, but you don’t want to go too tight. You are looking for your diameter below the balls including the shaft. Going a little smaller will give you a nice snug fit.  For head rings, measure diameter below your erect penis head on the shaft. Again, snug is best. Many men use head rings all the way down at the base of the shaft. You might need one slightly larger for that area so keep that in mind.