Crossdressing in public Crossdressing in public is a huge step for many men but we have come up with an easy way to kill two birds with one stone. Many crossdressers are nervous to leave the home dressed as a female and on the other side of the coin many men are nervous about going to the beach wearing our smallest micro swimsuits. These two issues of crossdressing in public and wearing skimpy swimwear in public have a similar base of issues in our psyche. These are non-issues if you are a true exhibitionist, you would most likely be able to both crossdressing and micro swimwear in public with little thought about, just go out and do it. The rest of us tend to overthink everything about it including all the possible issues that might come up. Maybe you are not ready for friends and family to see you, crossdressing in public, maybe you are afraid of the reactions you might get from strangers, maybe you have some body issues you need to work through, maybe it is difficult for you to get in the right frame of mind. This is just a small list of possible road blocks that can keep you from reaching your goals and making life altering changes. If you fear of the above issues is so overwhelming that it will keep you from taking action than your first and best option is getting some help from a counselor or a psychologist because if the mere though of going out like this freezes you up completely than it is time for some help so you can allow yourself to make the changes you know will bring joy to your life. Luckily most of us thinking about crossdressing in public are not at that point and we just need to figure out where to start and how to take action. I will give you some of the ideas that have helped me and I will offer up ideas that have been supplied to us by other crossdressers. Crossdressing in public is easy for me now because of my time spent on the beach wearing male to female transformation swimsuits. For those not familiar with these types of swimsuits they are micro style thongs, bikinis and shorts that are cut in a feminine style but they also change the shape of your equipment to that of a perfect camel toe. On the beach the effect is completely female even to your own brain when it sees your transformation. Being on the beach virtually nude but transformed to female makes it easy for me to both wear these slinky micro swimsuits in public while at the same time it is a natural form of crossdressing in public. Doing it so often has desensitized me to both wearing any micro swimsuit I want at the beach and dressing anyway I want in public even when dressing as a female I am so much more at ease. For extra support I always wear the transformation designs under leggings, tights, mini skirts and any other clothing designs when looking completely female is the wanted effect. Wearing a micro transformation swimsuit on public beaches paved the way for me to do so much more. At first, I was very nervous and anxious but after realizing that guys were actually checking me out and girls were extremely comfortable being around me, I was able to be at ease just being there and being my new self. I am in Los Angeles and my guess is most major beaches areas would have the same effect and that is no one really cares what you are doing, live and let live. Maybe you are not quite ready for this so let me throw some other ideas at you. First join some of the many crossdressing and sissy chat boards. Guys that have been there before you can let you know what they have been through and what little tricks they have used to make it easier. There are many groups located in the USA and Europe, my guess is if you look you will find many in Asia too, that you can join and they offer a safe and accepting environment for you to try crossdressing in public. In many cities there are clubs and bars that are geared to crossdressing and those who are admirers, these are great spots to have fun at. There are many women that are into crossdressing men, your wife or girlfriend might be one of them and you might try breaching the subject at first without fully coming out that you are interested in crossdressing in public. There are even dating sites for men and women that are into crossdressers which you can google online. I can’t directly recommend one because though I know about them I have never used one but they could be a great resource for you.