Crowned Head Male Chastity Cage

Crowned Head Male Chastity Cage

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This is one of the most awesome male chastity cock cages I have ever used. This new design features elite stainless steel construction with incredible craftsmanship. The Crowned Head is a “take no prisoners, no way to escape” cage. I love the way it is designed and the way it feels on my cock. It shapes you into a totally submissive position where you will stay until released for your bondage. Look and feel are extreme quality.   The Crowned Head features two different locking options. First is the standard pad lock option and it includes a brass pad lock. The second option: an integrated lock option (internal style lock) and it includes that, too. The cock ring portion of the cage flairs out to a full inch in width, making this draconian cage a very comfortable one, too. The cage is 3” long at the longest point and 1 1/8” wide, but this cage will easily keep a flaccid penis under 1” extremely secure and, of course, you boys with shafts over 3”; feel free to cram it in. After all, you will not be using it anyway.

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