Daddy's Boy

Daddy's Boy

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Daddy’s Boy is a mild bulge enhancing G-string design. Not a huge bulge, but a still one you will be proud to show off at the beach or around the pool. Micro G-string rear and an ultra-micro front pouch that covers everything yet covers nothing but bulge. Daddy’s Boy has a built in adjustable spandex cock ring located in the sweet spot to make your bulge large and keep it looking big all day long. We offer many different bulge enhancing designs from mild bulges like this one to absolutely gigantic bulge sizes. We feel Daddy’s Boy is the perfect size for all day fun. Daddy’s Boy is not so much shocking as it is completely manly. Yes, you are completely shaved, but there is no doubting your manhood as you see the penis head shape being forced through the fabric making a lasting imprint on anyone lucky enough to get a peek.

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