Dangerous Thong

Dangerous Thong

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Snakes are a little scary and some are even dangerous. This hot snake skin styled thong will make you just a little dangerous and a lot sexy. The fabric just jumps out to catch your gaze and not let it go.  Every curve of the pouch and the beautiful frame of your ass in snake skin spandex could not be any more intense or enchanting. The pouch offers full coverage in a lowcut micro style. This is a full thong and, as such, really shows off the cheeks in a visually stunning fashion. The Dangerous Thong also has comfort going for it and by design is one of our best suits to wear all day by the pool, beach or lake. This is a suit designed to be seen worn by a hot man. If you are new to thong wear, just know that you are going to look great, and yes, it is about time you got the balls to show some more skin.

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