Deep Entry Micro Bikini

Deep Entry Micro Bikini

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One Size-Adjustable

Made to be used with or without our custom 2”Ass Spreader Plug

The swimsuit designs with our custom built-in Ass Spreaders have been an overwhelming success. So much so that we were both surprised as well as caught a little off guard with our last batch of Ass Plug powered designs. We kept running out of the custom plugs, especially the 2” plug design. Who knew so many men could handle a 2” Ass Spreader with their spandex? The great news is that we are better prepared now. We have created a number of new designs that can be used with your plug if you have already ordered one of our suits with a custom Ass Spreader. These designs can be used without the plugs and will, of course, look fantastic, or you can order them with the custom plug. The Deep Entry Micro Bikini is one of those Oh My designs. It is jaw dropping in both form and function. The front pouch is our reverse micro tear drop style that actually exposes just a peek of balls as part of the swimsuits design. The rear is a micro bikini design that is just a little larger than a thong. Total micro Brazilian cut is mixed with your huge spread hole kept open and viewable by our 2” Ass Spreader.  This is a highly sexually charged creation; a work of art that will evoke emotion of the best kind.

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