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Diablo is a nasty, sexy beast that is designed with one thing in mind; making sex hot and steamy maybe that’s two things? Diablo is one of two new extreme sexual pleasure suits and whether you are having solo sex, or as a couple, or in a group this design will stimulate you physically and it will visually arouse you and everyone around you. As it is said the devil is in the details and here are Diablo’s details: A fat rubber doughnut cock ring that is designed for shaft use only, a ball splitter g-string style rear with fully adjustable side straps that allows you to adjust as much pressure as you can stand by pulling the cock up to split the balls until you are ready to pop. I like my sex a little ruff, but this design is perfect for you guys that just want the shaft held in a perfect position for action or penetration. Get your suit before the fundamentalists outlaw this kind of fun!

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