Dreaming of men’s sexy swimsuits. It is almost summer and summer is the time when young and older men alike start dreaming about sexy men’s swimsuits and I know I am definitely one of those dreamers. The idea of slipping on as tiny little suit and being on a beautiful beach with lots of other people is one of the most fun things a spandex lover can do and dream about. There are few things a man can wear that are as erotic, exciting and stimulating as men’s sexy swimsuits and the list of different types and styles is growing by leaps and bounds every year. From my years of being in the swimwear business and putting together my own collection of swimwear styles I can say as a matter of fact there are more men than you could imagine that love and enjoy collecting and wearing men’s sexy swimsuits and other spandex styles like workout shorts and tights. This post is going to be all about swimwear for men and the options that we now have. I was going to say options available but that connotates a limited amount, of options and that is not the case any longer in fact I would say men have more options with these types of suits than women do with their sexy styles. The basics are similar between men’s sexy swimsuits and women’s and that would be bikini style suits of which there are many subsets of bikini styles, thong style swimsuit and again there are many subsets of thong fashion, G-string swimsuits of which there are not very many different types but enough so that we will discuss them. There are swimwear briefs and micro shorts that without question fall into the category of sexy swimwear designs. The foundation of all men’s sexy swimsuits no matter what the style is the fabric so no conversation about swimwear styles that qualify as sexy would be complete without first talking about what they all have in common. The number one commonality between these swimsuit designs is the type of fabric. Spandex to be precise. It is impossible to make a sexy suit without the use of what I consider the ultimate material for the male body, the female body too but that is a different discussion. There are a number of spandex or spandex Lycra types and styles. There are different types of stretch qualities to spandex fabric the two most common being two way and four way stretch fabrics and both types are used in the production of all men’s sexy swimsuits when we are talking about micro shorts, bikinis, thongs and G-strings. This has to do with how these fabrics form to the male body which is a miracle of fashion beauty. When it comes to the male form and spandex mixing the two together can make some beautify music. With so many men’s swimwear designs offering incredible levels of visual beauty it is easy to see why so many men get sucked into world of swimwear fashion never to go back to wearing any style suit which does not show off the male form. When talking about spandex and Lycra both of which are available in two and four- way stretch the choice of one versus the other comes down to the design of the actual suit. Men’s sexy swimsuit styles more often than not will feature four-way stretch spandex and with many of these designs the fit is so perfect that it is almost like having the material sprayed onto your body, form fitting with every little bit of your body highlighted for display on the beach or around your favorite pool. Two-way stretch spandex is often used for more detailed suits, that would include designs like the penis shaped pouch suits and other micro suits that are going for the smallest most accurate fit. Often you will find that two-way stretch spandex is perfect for highly detailed designs. The interesting this is that both types of spandexes, have the same effect as finished products and most men will not know the difference between one of the other. While we are on the subject of fabrics used with men’s sexy swimsuit styles the one question, I get all the time is about liners. Most designer suits do not use liners because they take away from the quality of the look and the fit. I am often asked if the suit does not have a liner wont it be very revealing and the answer is absolutely but that is part of the effect after all the male form is a thing of beauty and should not be hidden away. Another question is: will the suit be see-through when it gets wet? The answer is that dark color suits even ones without liners will not be see-through but they will tend to form to the body even more when wet showing just about everything in very nice detail. Light color swimsuits especially white will become almost completely transparent when wet which is something many men enjoy after all they are only see-through when wet and no longer so once dry. As long as you are aware of what your suit is going to do when wet you will be good to go but it is the times when you forget you are wearing swimwear that becomes sheer and it catches you off guard. I remember one time I was around the pool at Caesars Palace wearing a very small white thong and there were hundreds of people out on an extremely hot summer day. After being out in the sun for an hour I decided to take a dip. Taking a little nap in the hot sun like that tends to get you a little disoriented and the spandex micro shorts I had to put over my bikini when swimming were missed in my rush to get in the cool water. Still not thinking about it I got out of the pool walked over to the bar area to get a coke and headed back to my lounger. Not really paying much attention to my surroundings though I did notice a lot of heads turning to look as I walked by. When I got back to my lounge my girlfriend looked over and said Michael, I can see everything right through your suit, white might not have been the best choice today and she laughed. I looked down and it almost looked like I was wearing nothing at all, that is how sheer it was, no need to measure everyone could see how small I was. What style are considered men’s sexy swimsuits? That is an easy one since any suit that forms to a man’s body would be considered sexy swimwear by most people but when you get down to a sexy swimsuit is one that makes you feel sexy. I am used to wearing the smallest possible suits always going for what many of us call the nude tanning experience so if I was to wear what many people would be the smallest micro shorts they had ever seen and they would think are outrageously sexy would feel like too much fabric on my body. I might wear those shorts as a sexy cover-up to my micro swimsuit. Also getting comfortable wearing spandex style suits is very important and I recommend to most men just getting into it, to choose something that makes them a little nervous, a suit that challenges them but does not scare them so much that they will never wear it. It is much easier to start with a little more coverage and work your way down over time. I promise you it gets easier and easier to go smaller and small as time goes on, it is a natural feeling and not a shock to the system like changing from surf shorts to the smallest G-string that requires you to be completely shaved, this might be a little too much for most men making the change. Go slow, take your time and enjoy the process. Time to get to the meat of the matter when discussing men’s sexy swimsuits and that is the type and sub-types of designs. Let’s start with what I believe to be the most perfect all around suit a man or woman can wear and that is the bikini. The beautiful bikini comes in so many flavors it can get your head spinning. I will try to break it down for you without driving you crazy. The standard bikini will range from 2” wide at the waist band all the way down to a ¼” at the waist band. Anything smaller than that would be considered a string bikini. There are low cut bikinis, high cut bikinis and moderate cut bikinis. When we are talking about the cut of a bikini or for that matter any men’s sexy swimsuit, we are talking about how high in front the pouch goes. Low cut bikinis start right at the base of the penis. Yes, there are many suits that a fraction of an inch from the top of the fabric is the penis base. It is an awesome look and it is one of the most popular styles for men’s bikini. A bikini can still be considered low cut up to one inch above the base of the penis. Between one in and two and half inches above the base of the shaft would be considered a moderate cut bikini, moderate cut bikinis are also extremely popular choices. A high cut bikini is anything higher than that and other then suits that feature full length shaft pouches which hold the shaft in an upright position either against the body or in its natural form there are not a lot of high cut suits. This makes sense when you give it a little thought. The high cut suits are popular with the girls because many of them have issues around their stomachs that men do not have to deal with like stretch marks from having a baby. There are no such issues for most men and that is why there are very few high-cut suits for men’s bodies. In addition to how high a bikini rises there is t the shape of the pouch to consider and this is where it gets complicated. We will start at the most basic pouch and that would be the full cut pouch. Men’s sexy swimsuits styles have many different types of pouches but the go to pouch that is in just about every spandex lover’s drawer would be a full cut pouch bikini. This is a pouch that can handle most equipment sizes from very small to very large with ample room to spare. It offers the most amount of coverage of any pouch type and more coverage means less skin showing. Full pouch styles are great starter suits with one exception if you are on the smaller side equipment wise you will want to start with a smaller pouch one that you can actually fill. The next step down in size would be a moderate pouch also known as a narrow cut pouch. This style pouch is much more popular on sexy style swimwear designs. They cover much less skin than a full pouch so you have a much better-looking tan line. They have less room in them so you are much more likely to fill the pouch and with spandex there is almost no such thing as overfilling a pouch it just looks better and better the more meat stuffed inside of it. From here we go to the most popular of the bulge style pouches and as we talked about earlier a bulge style pouch is anything that shows any size bulge from the tiniest bulge that is barely perceptible to the large bulge that cannot be missed. By far the most popular men’s sexy swimsuits bulge style would be the micro bulge. Micro bulges come in many sizes but they all have one thing in common and that is they are extremely small and offer the least amount of coverage. These options are great for men that range in small to normal penis sizes because no matter the size you can fill the pouch to perfection. Over the past few years micro bulge swimsuits have been all the rage and they show no signs of slowing down. In my opinion and that of many other men the micro bulge bikini is a much have and will most likely be the bikini you end up using the most. Even if you are a hardcore thong or G-string wearer there are always those times that the coverage of a bikini is needed and owning a few micro bikinis, the kings of the bikini world is the way to go. Moving on there are a number of other designs before we get to what many men feel are the most exciting changes in men’s bikinis in years maybe ever. Let us talk about a few more designs. The male form bikini has an added pouch that in most cases is the exact shape of a penis thus they are called male form pouches. These are some of the most risqué styles for bikinis and really very much for men that are into showing it all while still staying on the right legal side for most beaches. There are many male form pouches including full shape style best used by men with larger equipment all the way down to male form shapes that are designed to make you look smaller than you ever have or could imagine. You might be amazed to know that these compression style male form men’s sexy swimsuits are by far the most popular of the male form bikinis. There are sheer and partial sheer beach bikinis that show bits and pieces of the wearer or in some cases they show it all. These are not beginner suits but they have their place, these suits tend to be more popular at pool parties. Another style bikini less well known but a popular option are the enlargement style bikinis also known as equalizer bikinis. These suits have built in help in the form of an adjustable cock ring that lets a smaller less endowed man fill a full-size pouch after all there are times when us small guys want to look larger not smaller down there. It is great to be able to have that option. The most exciting pouch design to come out and they have been taking over the men’s swimwear market for the past few years are the femme style pouches, these pouches are available in all style spandex suits from G-strings to micro-shorts but we will look at how they affect bikini design. Here is the detail of these suits: they change the look of your equipment into female equipment. The most popular pouch design is the camel toe look and it is totally female even your friends would think you are a girl down there. The effect is amazing and lifelike and if you have never tried wearing one you would have no idea what you are missing. These suits let you get in touch with your feminine side and being a swimwear designs and a spandex lover I can tell you they are the most popular designs for men that have been introduced in years. You will be seeing these suits at beaches and around pools world-wide. Without going too deep into who is wearing these designs let us get the obvious out of the way first. Men who are transitioning to female, people that identify as female, non-binary identifiers and sissies. Now here is the big surprise both Gay and Straight men make up a huge percentage of men ordering these men’s sexy swimsuits. There are more men than ever that are interested in being in touch with their feminine side and the next big surprise are girls ordering these suits for their men because the look turns them on too! Feminine style number two. These are popular designs just not as crazy wild popular as the camel toe look suits. This style smooths out the front erasing the male equipment and the tiny smooth bulge looks completely female like a girls lined bikini with not lip showing just a smooth flat feminine shape. Wow now that we have covered many of the pouch styles for men’s sexy swimsuits lets go on to the rear cuts and some of the special bikini options you can have on them. The standard cut for the rear is a full back. The range of the full back suit is full coverage of the cheeks all the way down to a couple inches of cheek showing on both sides but let us not confuse the standard bikini cut with a Speedo brief. A Speedo brief covers the full rear and much of the leg. A bikini rear standard cut will cover most of the rear but show most of the leg. The next style up is the Brazilian bikini cut which has been a famous design for the ladies many years now. For men the cut is much the same as for the girls, lets of cheek showing with a relatively high cut in the rear, the Brazilian cut is extremely popular in men’s swimwear designs. The most popular bikini for men would be the low/moderate height minimal cut rear. Like the name implies this is a suit that sits low on the rear just at the back line and covers about the same as a Brazilian style suit. Minimal and micro rear cuts are next up and these are the smallest bikini rears with the least amount of coverage. Any smaller than a micro rear bikini which is often matched with a micro front pouch would be considered a thong suit of which we will go over shortly. Just like the adjustable ring options for the front pouches on some men’s sexy swimsuits there are some very interesting and exciting options on the rear too. There are bikini designs that have been created to work with a plug that go deep inside of you and are hidden away when wearing the bikini, talk about adding a higher level of excitement to a day at the beach! There is also even more extreme plug powered bikinis that use a product called an “Ass-Spark” which is a combination of c-ring and plug, there are a number of designs that are actually held together using an “Ass-Spark”. These suits are every bit as stimulating as you think they would be, maybe more. We will talk about the other styles of men’s sexy swimsuits on the next post.