Elation Bulge

Elation Bulge

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Sexual pleasure, swimwear, lingerie and even underwear are all so closely related in the Koala lexicon. Many of our designs were created to get you so aroused that you border on getting off just by slipping on the design. The Elation Bulge is one of those creations as it is designed to make a powerful sexual statement. The shape of the penis is shown fully erect but, fully covered, making it perfect for the beach, your next pool party or just hanging out with friends. Stimulation and great looks go hand in hand here with your choice of the Ass Spark combo butt plug cock ring holding the front and the back of the suit together. The shape of the suit is such that the Ass Spark is pulled deep inside of you, thus hiding the fact the you are being ass fucked wherever you might be and surely on the edge of having an orgasm at any moment. With all of this going on, the shaft is nicely displayed in a tight four-way spandex sleeve showing off all the detail you can muster. The ball portion of the pouch is one of our new and most subtle slight ball split looks to highlight more than just the shaft. Great looks, great fun, and awesome stimulation. What more could you ask for? If we are missing anything, contact us at hinc28@socal.rr.com

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