Fuck Shorts

Fuck Shorts

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The Fuck Shorts are closely related to the Black Magic micro shorts. It took us about six months to perfect these all new nothing like anything you have ever seen shorts. By the time they were perfected, we ended up having two versions of them. They have very different pouch styles, but both were so phenomenal that we realized there was no way to make a choice of one or the other. That’s why we ended up offering both in our new collection. The Fuck Shorts offer the same amazing open crotch design and anal penetration experience. The big difference between the two styles are the pouch shapes. Where the Black Magic shorts offer a push out style pouch, the Fuck Shorts offer a sportier style pouch; something that does not attract as much attention but is still fitted and makes a wonderful display. The Fuck Shorts are made of unlined, white, four     way stretch spandex. They are completely form fitting and, when using your favorite Ass Spark, will keep your cock as well as your luscious ass looking and feeling great. Keep in mind that if you are using the Fuck Shorts as swimwear (a perfect use for them), they will become almost completely sheer when wet.

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