Gender Bender

Gender Bender

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Do you have any idea how much fun it is to bring out your inner woman? Thousands of Koala customers do because our male to female transformation designs are some of our most popular swimwear and underwear designs that we offer. We are very into the female look and, like many of our customers who are hooked on these styles; we are highly aroused by it, too. My feeling is that you have to be into it to be able to make these wonderful designs that create such amazing effects. We are always working on different styles to get subtle, but realistic, changes in transforming men into women. The Gender Bender is a full-blown; erase any thought of there being a cock, design. It seamlessly manipulates and reshapes the balls into a realistic exposed vagina.  Most of our designs have, at the minimum, a sexual undertone, but Gender Bender is full on, eat my pussy delicious. Gender Bender is perfect for using as underwear that will show off your femininity or for just experimenting with your inner femininity.  It may even be perfect to give your boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, or partner something new and interesting to play with. Gender Bender offers a very sexy G-string style rear along with all of its other attributes.

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