Gender Flex

Gender Flex

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The feminine mystique is a strong urge that many men wish to explore and enjoy. The Koala line of feminizing designs is evolving all the time. Koala has been offering swimwear, underwear, and spandex fetish wear designed for male to female transformation for many years. These are some of our best selling and most popular suits. You might be surprised at how many men are interested in tasting the forbidden fruit of the female body.  Our designs are so effective that they can trick your eyes and brain into believing you are female along with anyone else who has a good look at you. This is a magical feeling one that we specialize in and are eager to have you experience! The new Gender Flex has a new flying V-shaped front, which offers a little more coverage. The look is completely vagina like with a very cute little G-string rear. The Gender Flex offers multiple adjustments, so that you can get that perfect male to female transformation look going. The shaft is pushed inside of you and held firmly in place and the balls are pulled below and compressed. It sounds intense, but it is actually very comfortable. Make your adjustments and just tuck the tightening straps away under the main spandex straps and you are ready to go. Pretty as can be.


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