So, manty different ways people identify these days seems to fit perfectly into our gender unique swimwear styles. We have been offering MTF style suits far longer than the topic of transitioning as been a popular trending topic. We have several designs that would be considered gender neutral styles that can be used as feminine or masculine. The real news is our no gender swimwear styles, which is something that came to me in a daydream. Why does a suit need to show any gender, or can we design a suit for a man that shows him neither male nor female, no visible gender whatsoever. The answer is we can, and we have. We have three new designs all start with the name Eunuch Postage Stamp Swimsuits. These designs are the smallest full-frontal coverage suits I have ever seen and that is regardless of it the designs are male or female, these suits are as small as I believe swimwear will ever be. From here it would be full nude but than it would be easy to see your gender. These new styles erase the penis and pull the balls under and between the legs flattening them out and making you look like you no longer have testicles. Form front or rear you appear to have no gender at all, not male and not female, nothing at all and the look is spectacular.