Gender fluid fashion

Everywhere I turn it seems like I am reading something about gender fluid people, gender fluid fashion lifestyles and how many men and women consider themselves gender fluid rather than any specific gender. I find the terminology interesting and informative. I like the idea of not having to choose. At we have been into gender fluid fashion far longer than I have been reading stories about people who identify as such. We have been creating what we refer to as male to female transformation designs for many years. These are styles for men including swimwear, shorts and tights along with styles used as underwear to highlight the wearer’s femininity. The designs we make let men choose how they want to look. We offer the ultimate in gender fluid fashion styles for men that create the most stunning visual change to a complete female in the pouch area. The designs we offer completely erase any visual cue that it’s wearer has a penis and in fact many of our designs literally change and reshape the penis into a camel toe look vagina which gives the wearer a very intense feminine feel. It is amazing how one feels looking down and seeing a vagina where there was a penis. It is one way to get in touch with your most feminine self. The brain see female and the feel is unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is so realistic that even to the touch the wearer is totally female. This effect is done integrating the penis into the designs rather than trying to hide it or trying to cover it with an artificial latex vagina which in the past many men into cross dressing would use. I believe many cross dressers have switched to our designs for the same reason gender fluid fashion people are using them. It is not only the look and feel but the total change you have wearing them. It is nothing short of incredible.