Getting a bigger, harder, rounder ass for summer!


As many of our customers at Koala know over the years we have moved more along the lines of the most progressive and erotic female swimwear designers rather than those of other more male centered designers. We love the micro swimsuit styles out there for women and have built upon that legacy for men.  The same goes for the bigger, harder, rounder ass look you are seeing all over the place. In my daily workouts at the gym I have been seeing more women than ever with large well developed butts. Big and solid is the in look. And while I believe most men prefer a large round ass versus no ass or a saggy ass my thoughts are what is good for the gals is most likely a trend the men will follow too. On that note I have been working on my ass this winter trying to get it larger, firmer and more rounded. It really is a pain in the ass to do those exercises.  I looked on Youtube  to get some tips and again it seems like the ladies are way more into building their asses than the guys. My best help came at the gym. Just look for the girls with the best butts and ask them without being a perv what they think the best exercises are to build up the glutes i.e what works best for them. I have found the advice very helpful.