Gilded Cage

Gilded Cage

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Yes, you have found me out, I have an extreme fetish for swimwear that gives me an erection. To make things worse, I just can’t get enough of sheer spandex fabric as it gets me instantly wet. Add both together and it equals one very hard penis that needs to be serviced. I just love swim/fetish wear that has that same effect on me. It seems to have the same effect on many of Koala’s customers. I can’t convey why a slinky sheer bikini by adding a sheer form fitted front pouch and a three ring combo metal cock ring that forces pressure to all the right spots, turns out to be such an orgasmic experience. If you’ve enjoyed these styles before, Gilded Cage is sure to fill you with pleasure. If it is your first time to try our exotic and fabulous suits then let me be the first to say that it is so much fun that I’m a little envious of the experience in store for you.

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