Girl Power

Girl Power

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The Girl Power swimsuit offers feminine fun with an extra explosion of intensity. This is a full     on male to female transformation suit offering a realistic conversion from having a penis to having a fully exposed pussy. Call it erotic wear, underwear, or extreme swimwear; this is one seriously sexy design. Girl Power explodes with the addition of your choice of one small and one medium standard butt plug or one large cock shaped butt plug to enhance your transformation experience. Not only can you look like a girl, but you are getting it hard in the rear the entire time you have it on. You can wear the Girl Power with or without the butt plug but, in my opinion; it is much more fun with the plug pushed in hard inside of you and held firmly in place. The Girl Power is fully adjustable to get everything looking hot, sexy and highly entertaining. No one does butt plug powered suits like Koala and the Girl Power is no exception.  Intense, erotic, and stimulating all while letting you enjoy the complete feminine experience you so deeply desire.

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