Going insanely micro with male chastity.


Most of the time when we are talking about micro this or micro that it is all about men’s swimwear or other spandex creations but there are exceptions. Over the past number of years we have built a huge following of men and women who are into male chastity. Many are into the lifestyle while others are interested in experimenting and playing with it. We offer gear for serious chastity lifestyle folks but we have great gear for men just getting into it or dipping their toes, I mean cock into it. One of the most interesting niches we have carved out is in micro male chastity cages. These are cages of 1.5” or less in length with a number of them in the ¾” and less range. These micro designs are obviously awesome for guys with very small penises of which there are many. There are lots of men with larger cocks that enjoy the feel of stuffing them into these tiny cages and showing off their submissive personalities.