Gold Rush Thong

Gold Rush Thong

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The Gold Rush Thong is a magically lavish over the top penis display swimsuit with an entirely new cock shaped pouch. We offer many penis shape pouch designs, all of them amazing in their own right. However, I wanted this suit to support the penis in a more upright position, like the erections you used to get when you were 18 years old. You remember; the ones that pointed straight up. Those were the good old days. All kidding aside, the Gold Rush Thong will bring you back to those days because it will pull your hard cock up while pushing your balls forward, too. All of this is very stimulating. Then, you add in this wonderfully pliable, high shine, rubberized feel, golden Spandex fabric, and one of the best looking thong rear designs found anywhere, and you have all the makings of an outstanding  penis centric swimwear design. Now, the big question is where to show off first?

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