Many of our designs are sold to people that identify as female. The transformation effects really are startling. They are in fact transformative. You might be surprised and excited to know that many of our transformation designs are ordered by men who are craving a feminine physical experience and by women who are interested in feminizing their men. I find the entire spectrum of users extremely interesting. I talk and e-mail with many about their experiences. Many are even eye opening even to a jaded mind like my own.  Wearing a camel toe style transformation bikini to the beach can be a big event in your life, it was for me. A combination of nervous energy, excitement, pleasure (wearing spandex is always pleasurable to me) it also encourages me to push the bounds of my comfort zone.

Wearing many Koala swimwear designs takes men out of their comfort zone which is something I push myself to do too. It is always more difficult at first but it gets easier each time you do it. After all don’t you remember the first time you slipped on a tiny micro swimsuit and went out in public?