How does it feel to use an Ass Spark?

I have had many people ask if wearing an Ass Spark is similar to having anal sex.  Most of the time that question is asked the potential user has never tried anal sex before and is nervous yet excited about the possibility of trying it. The question is more complicated than it might seem at first blush. There is no doubt that having the penetrating portion of an Ass Spark is similar to having a small cock inside of you or it you go with some of the larger Ass Spark designs more like a mid-sized cock but the feeling is different.  The biggest difference is you are in control of the initial insertion both the speed you put it in and the amount of lube you use. Doing it yourself allows you to be ever so gentle if it is your first time. Once the Ass Spark is in (first the cock ring is put on than the Ass Spark anal portion is inserted) the feel is a balance between the sensuous plug inside of you and your extremely hard cock (quite possibly the hardest you have ever seen it!) and it is unlike other sexual experiences. You can use an Ass Spark for long periods of time once you have practiced wearing it or as short a time as you feel comfortable. If anal sex is new but possibly in your future whether with a man or a woman wearing a strap on using the Ass Spark will help to get you ready for the experience. Incorporating the Ass Spark design with any number of our “Plug Powered Swimsuits” takes it to a level of excitement  that is hard to imagine and so wonderful to experience.