Lady Gear Micro Shorts

Lady Gear Micro Shorts

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We took the Lady Gear Shorts; our best selling short shorts design ever; and made them even more extreme. More ass on display, more curves, and the same beautiful vagina look front pouch all packaged in the best fitting sexiest shorts to ever touch your body. Our Lady Gear Micro Shorts offer you a design that is as much at home in the clubs as it is on the beach. This creation is excellent for flaunting your gender transformation or experimenting with new choices. The “made in the USA” craftsmanship (like all Koala designs) is the best on the planet. The original Lady Gear Shorts are truly trailblazing in their push to make gender choice something in reach of all men. The intense pleasure you get from wearing our transformation designs is nothing short of phenomenal. I wanted to offer a little more to wearers who are ready to take the next step of showing more of their asses to the world. I love the look of cheeks peeking out of shorts. It looks great on the girls and it looks just as hot on the guys. Not sure which you would like to be. Or maybe you are ready to test the feminine waters. If that sounds like you; then these micro shorts will be a dream come true.

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