Love Fountain

Love Fountain

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The Love Fountain design is all about fantasies. Our desire is to bring out your inner slut, to break down the barriers of your inhibitions, to show you how amazingly sexy you can be, how sexy a man can be, how thrilling and seductive you are. Here, we have created the ultimate sexual fantasy swimsuit/fetish suit/sex suit. I call the Love Fountain all of these because it is so hard to classify it as just one. The design itself is one of the most visually stunning you will ever slip on, but it is so much more than just a visual treat. It is a totally indescribable experience to slide your cock inside the sheer, almost skin colored, sleeve while having your erect shaft held up and secured by an adjustable cock ring. Add to those things, your lovely balls are split down the middle by an adjustable strap displaying each testicle perfectly.  The Love Fountain’s craftsmanship is second to none with amazingly detailed stitch work. Like all Koala suits, it is made in the USA by the most skilled seamstresses. The thong designed rear is completely made of four-way stretch, sheer golden tan spandex. I would say it is made to fit like a glove, but it is designed to fit even better than that. It is a creation made to satisfy your needs and desires. There are few things you can buy that will give you this kind of intense pleasure. That is my personal guarantee. Michael David

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