Male chastity belt: what, how and why.

I would say that 99% of men practicing chastity wear a cock cage instead of a male chastity belt. Quality male chastity belt styles are for the most part more money than male chastity cock cages and they are a bit more difficult to use. The up side to wearing a male chastity belt is that they are extremely secure, wickedly awesome looking, intimidating and on many devices, you can lock both the penis and the anus if you wish. In my opinion the most important thing to look for when shopping for a male chastity belt are the adjustments you can make that is unless you decide to order a custom fitted one. A custom-made male chastity belt will run anywhere from around $1200.00 and they can top out at $3000.00+. The good news is there are some exceptionally well made fully adjustable male chastity belt designs in the $200.00 range and they can be configured to fit most men extremely well in some cases as good or better than custom ones. My personal favorite adjustable male chastity belt is the Checkmate and we do keep those in stock on our website. The Checkmate offers so many adjustments that it can pretty much fit almost any man. The shape of the penis cage is very cool too. Many folks think of chastity belts as strictly a female thing and though it is much easier to fit a female with a chastity belt men have been wearing them for ages too.