Male chastity devices and what we offer

You will see in many blog posts and news stories about male chastity devices that we offer one of if not the world’s largest selections of male chastity devices. The back story is interesting in that we were once were strictly a men’s swimwear company though some might argue we were more an erotic wear company. Either way we were totally into men’s spandex swimwear and we are still totally into men’s swimwear. The question is how to we become such a major player in male chastity devices? My name is Michael David and I am the head designer at Koala. A number of years ago I was talking to a customer who was asking me to make him a swimsuit that would cover his male chastity device, and not just cover it but be fit around the shape of it so when he went to the beach everyone would plainly see he was wearing a cock cage. I was just barely familiar with male chastity and male chastity devices but I decided to offer a suit like that. I was overwhelmed by how popular the design was and that many Koala customers were suing male chastity devices. The more customers I talked to the more I learned. I was excited about cock cages and started doing research on them. What put me over the top was the time I was talking to my friend James and his wife Carol and somehow the topic of male chastity devices came up. Without missing a beat Carol told me that she has had James wearing one for the last few years. I was shocked at this information but also very interested in learning more. As it turned out he was wearing his male chastity device at that moment and Carol had him show me it. Until that point I always thought the James was the dominant of their relationship but he was a total submissive and he did what he was told. Oh my god that is so awesome I said to which Carol asked me to come over any time I would like if I wanted to try on a cage since James had a nice size collection of male chastity devices, that was lesson two for me finding out most men who practiced male chastity had more than one device. A few days later I was talking to James about trying on some of his cages, don’t talk to me he said it is all up to Carol but let me warn you she might decide you are in need of training. I had no idea what he was talking about but I did want to try on some of the male chastity devices so I called Carol and we set up a time. I had no idea what I was in for and even less of an idea about what real male chastity and chastity training is all about, though I was about to find out. I met with Carol and first she took me on a walk-through of James’s different male chastity devices, as I recall he had about eight different cages one smaller than the next. I asked why so many and Carlo said that she enjoyed having James wear different cages when she felt like it almost like cock jewelry she said with a little giggle. Next up she told me to take off my clothing so she could size me up. Pretty small she said but don’t worry I will find one that fits and the truth was I seemed to be extra small just because I was embarrassed and nervous to be undressed in front of her. This one should work and before I knew what was going on she had my penis in her hand and was fitting the cock cage on me. That’s a great fit she said and I agreed, the fit was snug but comfortable and the cage was very small so small I barely felt like I had a penis any longer.  She locked the cage on me and told me put my clothes back on. Why don’t you hang out with me for a couple hours and let’s see how you do she said. Carol what if I need to go pee I?,  you just need to ask me as she slipped the lock key into her pocket.


To be continued in a future post.