Male to female transition and our transformation designs

No matter what type of male to female transition you are working on our swimwear, shorts and tights can help you with the look you are after. Our transformation designs are used for male to female transition, men who are into cross dressing, transgender people and straight, gay and bisexual men that are interesting in acquainting themselves to their feminine side. We have been making male to female transition designs for over ten years now. We are based in Los Angeles and all of spandex designs are made in the USA, actually in Los Angeles. We do offer male to female transition style made of neoprene and though they are made overseas the quality of them is second to none. The spectrum of people we supply are designs too is very broad in fact there are women that order our camel toe bottoms because they like the way it makes their lips look. The cool thing is we can take a penis and create a lovely little camel toe out of it which for many is as feminine a look as one can have. We offer two different male to female transition designs when it comes to the pouch look. We offer the Camel Toe pouch which is my personal favorite and our customer’s favorite too but to be fair most of our customer have many different designs of ours with a nice mix of both. The other is the complete and total flat look pouch which virtually erases everything. It is just flat and smooth showing no trace of the penis. This look works well on men of all penis sizes offering male to female transition for girls with micro penis sizes from taking years of hormone therapy up to large full size penises. I have seen large and full eight inch plus members disappear as well as my little two inch penis and just about every size in between. Some folks might find our take on this all to be a little risqué for them but we at Koala have always jumped head first into the sexual nature of our wear and whether you are trying to show off a bulge or get completely rid of one we are here for you. When it comes to male to female transition there are many websites and organization on the web to help you. There are site that specialize in cosmetics and ones for mental health, surgery options, support groups and so much more. We are just a small cog in the in the wheel trying to supply products that fill a real need.  If you have any questions about how are products work for male to female transition or which ones might be best for your build feel free to call us.