Men’s Thong Swimsuits, Men’s G-string Swimsuits, Micro Shorts This is a continuation post from the previous post of men’s sext swimsuits. In the last post we went over in detail information about what suits are actually men’s sexy swimsuits and we started with the classic men’s bikini swimsuit styles. Just a quick refresher we talked about pouch cuts, pouch sizes and pouch options and that same information applies to men’s thong swimsuits. When we talk about the cut of men’s thong swimsuits and the way they are in the rear there are just a few different takes on that. You have the standard thong rear which features a T-back which can vary in size from just a slight t all the way to what would look like a bikini rear but with no cheek coverage everything after the fabric along the back area takes place between the cheeks. While we are talking about between the cheeks let’s dive into the size of the fabric panel between the T back and the front pouch. That panel can actually be a spandex strap that is as small as ¼”in width, any smaller than that would be a G-string rear. A ¼” strap is not going to cover very much and you see these very narrow men’s thong swimwear designs on suits that have micro front pouches of Femme style front pouches. The rear of a thong can be up to a few inches wide and at times these styles are called thong bikinis but for ease of classifying them we will keep those style in the men’s thong swimsuits group. As with bikinis thongs are available in high cut, standard cut and low-cut designs. Just like the comparison of women’s swimwear styles high cut thongs are not very popular with men these days. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the low-cut thongs which are by far the most popular thong swimsuits for men. Low cut thongs are must often paired with small bulge, micro bulge, male form and femme style designs and in my opinion are some of the hottest looking men’s swimwear designs you can find along with being some of the most suits to wear and be seen in. I love showing off cheek as much as any of the girls you will find at the beach and that seems to be a growing trend among men wanting to be seen wearing men’s sexy swimsuit styles. The male form pouch is less popular in thong suits than that of bikini designs but there are still suits out there that show off the shape of your equipment along with your fully exposed rear. Speaking of fully exposed rears if you are ready to take it up a notch or two you can go with men’s thong swimsuits that feature the use of butt plugs. These designs use a panel that hides the plug so no one on the beach will know how much fun is going on down there unless you tell them or show them. It is the same with the “Ass Spark” powered thongs and like the bikinis that use this special metal plug ring combo the suit is actually held together with the plug that is deep inside of you. If that sounds interesting to you than I would highly recommend trying this design, I think they are the most erotic and stimulating suits a man can wear. There is one style of men’s thong swimsuits that is even more extreme than the standard plug powered suits and they are for men that are into intense stimulation down there while still having a blast in the water. Before I go on let me say that this style is for only the most liberal beaches and pools though I am sure there are plenty of pool parties where they would be more than welcomed. The suits I am talking about are the anal stretcher thongs and are every bit as wild as the name implies. Anal stretcher thongs use a special custom machined metal plug ranging from 1.5” wide to 3.5” wide. The suits are threaded through the plug so the plug becomes part of the thong and there is a wide-open hole in the center of the plug so all your friends can see what is going on in there. These suits are extreme and only the 1.5” wide custom stretcher plugs could be used by someone who is new to this style plug. The other size plugs that power these men’s thongs are strictly for men with experience after all the 3.5” plug is larger than a fist! When we bring it altogether with men’s thong swimwear styles you have all the same choices in the front as you have with men’s bikinis with the micro bulge and femme style suits being far and away the most popular designs no matter what sort of thong rear you choose that said my thong of choice that I use for most of my days at the beach is a low-cut micro bulge front with a thin strap ¼” wide rear on a low-cut rear. I find this to give me the maximum exposed amount of skin, the sexiest look for my body and wonderful fit and comfort. Let’s dive into men’s G-string swimsuits. Men’s G-string swimsuits are easier than the other styles of suits to explain because there are not too many differences. You have micro sized pouches and standard size pouches there are no male enhancement style pouches on G-strings and they all have the same size sides which are strings. Some men’s G-string swimsuits have ties sides but most just have string sides that are attached to the sides and the bottom of the pouch. There are a couple that are designed to be used with or without the custom anal stretcher plugs if you are bold enough to dare it. Men’s G-string swimsuit overall are the smallest designs but in actual use there are thong style suits with smaller more micro sized pouches that just will not work correctly using the string sides of a G-string swimsuit. One of the features I enjoy is having the tie sides which allow me to un-tie the suit so I don’t have tan lines. Some beaches will not allow that but most do. Micro Shorts also known as Micro Short swimwear styles are extremely popular designs but interestingly, they are most popular with the femme style front pouch and that is way there are so many more of these tiny micro short swimsuits available with camel toe front pouch designs verses the standard bulge pouch. This is not to say that bulge style micro shorts are not popular, they are but the femme style front pouch designs have taken the world by storm. When we talk about men’s sexy swimsuit designs no discussion would be complete as would no collection of spandex suits be complete without micro shorts. First let us talk about differences in shorts most of which is the length of the shorts. Micro shorts at the max size will go down the leg about six inches almost like the old-style Daisy Dukes. From there they get shorter and shorter all the way down to short shorts that expose most of the rear cheeks. Whether you choose a bulge style or a femme style pair of micro shorts you will enjoy them. I always have a number of these designs in my collection since there are many more things you can do in these shorts then in all the other sexy swimwear styles. They are great at the beach or around the pool and yes, they do look like they have been spray painted on your body, everything is proudly displayed. That said these shorts are great for working out in, going to clubs and parties and around town as regular shorts but of course no undies are needed.