Men’s swimwear and sex.

I believe we are one of very few companies that would actually talk about men’s swimwear and sex and the reason is sex and sexy swimwear have many aspects in common with each other. Lycra spandex in my opinion is an extremely sensual and sexual fabric.  Any fabric that clings so close to you penis like it is forming a second skin is going to be arousing. Many of our designs cradle the penis, some outline the penis and other even change the shape of the penis. Spandex is sexual by nature. I have always found the feel of spandex on my body to be highly arousing. In my younger days my cock was terminally hard for hours on end while wearing a sexy bikini or thong. I might not rage so mightily like those days but it still feels so good, it often gets me so wet and it is always so much fun to wear. I talk about swimwear in a sexual sense because wearing a Koala swimsuit is like having a type of sexual experience.