Men’s swimwear Briefs Not to blow our own horn but we do feel we are the ultimate authority when it comes to learning about the best types of men’s swimwear briefs and which styles would look best on your body. We have been manufacturing men’s swimwear briefs in the USA for over thirty years and we offer the full spectrum of designs since not everyone agrees on what a men’s swimwear brief is.

  Let us start with the most basic style the men’s Speedo. The Speedo style men’s swimwear briefs are considered by many to be the granddaddy of this type of swimsuit and though most of you will know what a Speedo is for those who do not a Speedo style swimsuit which are often used for competitive swimming but are also used in many parts of the world as casual swimwear will include most spandex suits in brief form with side widths ranging from 1” to 4”. Most of these Speedo style suits have inner lining and tend to have flatter style pouches, these are not created to enhance the visual possibilities you can have when wearing men’s swimwear briefs that are made from spandex. That is the basic brief style swimsuit but there are so many exciting designs that fall into the brief swimwear category it would make your head spin. My Name is Michael David and I have been a men’s swimwear designer for over thirty-five years and most people in the swimwear industry know me as a man who not only push boundaries but creates new ones. 
  Before we go deep into the guts of men’s swimwear designs let us talk about what I feel is the sexiest fabric on the planet and why it is such an awesome fabric when used on men’s bodies. Spandex for men’s swimwear comes in two basic stretch types, two way and four way stretch and that has more to do with the cut of the swimsuit rather than how the fabric feels when you are wearing it. Many brief style swimsuits have an interior liner which again is quite common on suits like the Speedo brand and other competition style swimsuits but when you move onto designer style men’s swimwear briefs most of them loose the interior lining for the sake of a better fit. 

 The beauty of spandex is if you design a swimsuit to show the male form often called a bulge it will do an amazing job of highlighting the wearers equipment which on most designer style suits is a major We use spandex because of the way it forms to a man’s body which from a men’s swimwear fashion point of view is perfection. The swimwear brief design is all about showing off the male form we are 180 degrees different from men’s swimwear trunks and shorts designers that live to hide the male form we really are from two different planets. Spandex is the most comfortable fabric you will ever have on your body. It feels as good wet as it does dry, and it always looks great. If you a transitioning from wearing shorts to briefs it may take a little getting used to. Many men say when wearing their first pair of designer style men’s swimwear briefs and again just to reinforce that designer means no liner and we will add one more change for the time being that these suits are always skimpier than the typical brief, that they feel like they are wearing nothing and walking around the beach or a busy pool wearing nothing can take some practice unless you are a born exhibitionist. I know when I started wearing what many people call sexy swimwear styles, I felt naked in public it was that big a change from wearing baggy shorts, but it was also one of the most exciting sensations imaginable. Let me go off on a quick tangent and talk about how women’s swimwear influences men’s swimwear briefs and styles in general. 

 First let me say I love women’s swimwear, I love that there are so many choices and I love that women from a young age get to wear such sexy and body revealing designs so much so that it feels absolutely normal for them to wear the tiniest little suits in public and this season we are seeing more women’s swimwear fashions showing more skin with many suits fully exposing the rear, awesome for them but awesome for men too because their fashion has a direct influence on men’s fashions. The major difference right at the start is women are used to wearing sexy swimwear designs and it is a non-issue for them, they will wear what is in fashion any season, sometimes showing less skin and other times showing more skin it is part of the fashion cycle. This brings us back to the guys many of which including myself had never had on anything smaller than a very baggy pair of surf shorts at the beach so making the jump to any men’s swimwear briefs was a huge step even wearing Speedo style suits which in my part of the country you would rarely see at the beach unless the wearer was visiting from the east coast or from another country. Does this mean you are stuck wearing swimwear style shorts the rest of your life? Absolutely not! Though it might be harder for some of us then others it is a simple process to do. I started by wearing men’s Speedos and in a noticeably short period of time they started to feel like they had too much coverage for my liking which happens to be the same for most men as they are changing over from trunks to men’s swimwear briefs. It gets easier and becomes your new normal very quickly and many of us go on to smaller and smaller swimwear designs which we will talk about in just a little bit, but yes there are some many brief style swimwear designs for men it will blow you away.

 Like I said I started wearing Men’s Speedos and the transition to men’s bikinis was so easy and so natural in fact it was much harder to go from trunks to Speedos than it was form Speedos to bikinis. That is exactly the way it works for most men. Once you start wearing spandex swimwear it is ever so easy to choose and wear smaller and sexier designs that are guaranteed to up your level of excitement at the beach, around the hotel pool or at your next pool party. There are even men’s swimwear briefs that are larger than Speedos but designed to be much sexier, better fitting and showing more of the male form. We will get into those soon to, but these are extremely cutting-edge micro short designs that if you are not quite ready to go from baggy surf shorts to a brief bikini will fill the gap and let you get a feel for wearing swimwear that is molded to your body. Now we can list some of the most popular men’s swimwear briefs styles that you can choose from. The following would all be considered designer briefs and they include bikinis of which there are several styles including Brazilian bikinis which generally feature low cut fronts and rear cuts that tend to expose a lot of skin. You have thong and semi thong style swimwear designs that many of us include as swimwear brief designs. One of the fastest growing styles of men’s swimwear briefs are the new micro shorts. Micro shorts come in many flavors and include both bulge style and femme style designs. Bulge style designs whether they are for micro shorts, bikinis, thongs, or other style briefs all can be classified as swimsuits that are designed to show of the male equipment and not hide it, that said there are many different types of bulge designs so let us take a minute a go down the rabbit hole of men’s bulges. Yes, bulges come in many shapes and sizes. They range from bulge styles that are designed to minimize the size of your bulge, to make the bulge look as small as possible while still being a male type of pouch that is one that is not meant to feminize the wearer. There are entire lines of men’s swimwear briefs that are made to show a bulge but to show it in a neat and tight little bulge and there are many men that love the look of a tiny bulge and are every bit as proud of showing that as men who love to show the largest possible bulge. That leads us straight to large bulge swimwear designs and yes, the maybe as many suit styles on men’s briefs designed to enlarge the bulge and make you and your equipment look as large as possible often far larger than you could ever look wearing a spandex swimsuit that is molded to your body unless you had that design style to help you! There a bulge style bikinis, thongs and micro shorts that have special adjustable straps on the inside of the suit that make you as large and impressive as is possible. They are amazing designs and I have used them often myself.

 I am on the small side when it comes to the male anatomy that fills a spandex swimsuit but with these so called, adjustable ring powered suits and just to be clear the adjustable rings are hidden so no one knows you are being helped in the bulge department I can sport a bulge every bit as large as another guy with much more down there than I have. Many of us less well-hung spandex swimwear lovers refer to these styles as the great equalizers, which they are. In between these extremes of micro bulges and bulge enhancing style swimsuits are the moderate or normal bulge style men’s swimwear briefs. They are just as the sound these style suits be it bikini, thong, racing swimsuit or micro shorts feature a front pouch bulge that is a natural design and with these pouches you are almost always good to go if you have average or larger male anatomy to fill the pouch but if you are on the smaller size as many of us spandex lovers are you may want to go micro bulge or bulge enhancing because you may end up floating in a standard pouch not able to fill it correctly which takes away from the beauty of the suit. This gives you a nice overview of bulge style swimsuit briefs but there is another huge part of this fashion trend that is extremely popular all over the world and that is the Femme style men’s swimsuit briefs. Before you completely freak out about the concept of a femme style men’s swimsuits let me give you some details about the men that are making this one of the most exciting happenings in the men’s swimwear universe. It is a fashion trend that has some to do with gender identification, some to do with male to female transformation but more to do with all types of men no matter how they identify with their bodies or their sexuality wanting to try something exciting, new, and extremely cutting edge. What has been one of the hottest trends in men’s swimwear the last few years and the trend that is showing no signs of slowing down are the new femme style bikinis, thongs and shorts that make up a large portion of the men’s swimwear briefs world. These suits have many names including male to female transformation designs, penis canceling suits, hidden bulge style swimsuits, camel-toe style swimsuits for men, sissy designs and so on. Do not get hung up on names if that happens you might not try wearing these life changing styles. There are two main femme style designs with the most popular being the camel-toe style suits which do exactly what they sound like they would do. They change your man equipment into the shape of a female camel-toe. There are camel-toe style briefs in shorts, bikinis and thongs and they are some of the wildest men’s swimwear designs you will ever see. They are all in my opinion and that of thousands of other femme swimwear users the most amazing fashion a man can wear. There is one other erase style men’s swimwear brief design that flattens out the equipment and pulls it between the legs. The end visual result is the same as looing and the crotch of a women wearing a standard bikini, smooth and very much flat. That too is a wonderful look for men, but I find the camel-toe styles that much more exciting. I hope this post helps you with your choice of men’s swimwear briefs. I know there is a lot to take in here and it is just a guide. I like to tell men that are just starting their men’s spandex swimwear journey to look at all the new swimwear styles and choose a couple that visually appeals to you, something you will be willing to wear in public maybe after you get a nice tan in your backyard, but always one risqué enough to get you at least a little nervous. It is so much to take that path. Michael David